Family and Descendants of


Salvatore Arcadipane Jr. (1870 -1913) and

Giovanina (Jennie) Sciarrotta (1874 -1960)

Jennie with children Guiseppe, Jessie, Frank, Rose & Mary



Salvatore was born on September 8th, 1870 in Favara, in the province of Girgenti, Sicily, Italy.  Jennie was born on September 30th, 1874 in Grotte, province of Girgenti, Sicily, Italy.  During the reign of Mussoulini, the province of Girgenti was renamed to Agrigenti, which is its current name. 


Salvatore spent some time in the military, and gained the rank of officer (Corporale Maggiore), most likely due in some part to his ability to read and write.  Salvatore and Jennie gave birth to their first child, Assunta Rose, in Italy around 1895.


Salvatore became a miner and for several years, relocated his family to Ouro Preto (the state of Minas Gerais), Brazil to work the gold mines there. He most likely worked in the Passagem gold mine near Ouro Preto. Passagem is one of the largest oldest gold mines in Brazil.  It was in Brazil that Jennie gave birth to their next three children (Salvatore III, Frank, and Giuseppe).  A few years later, the family returned to Italy, where Salvatore worked in the sulphur mines.  It was here in Italy that Jennie gave birth to their fifth child, Giovanni in the town of Favara, Sicily.  Seeking a better life, Salvatore and Jennie brought their family to America in the early 1900's.  The family settled first in Adrian, Pennsylvania where Salvatore worked the coal mines.  Giovanni died and was buried in the mining town of Anita, Pa. August 27, 1906, having lived only 25 months.  (The mine owner named several of the local towns after his children, one of which was Anita.)    In America, Jennie gave birth to three more children - Rose, Mary, and Jessie.   Around 1912, with many other Italian immigrants (including the Livechhi's and Iacano's), they moved to Silver Creek, NY.  In 1912, Salvatore's health began to fail, and he died in 1913. 


Despite living in America for over 50 years, Jennie never learned to speak English.  When she first moved to Silver Creek, she picked beans and berries in the fields with her children to earn money.  Her grandchildren remember her as being very quiet.  In fact, at one time someone accidentally shut a car door on her hand, and she never made a sound.  She always wore black clothing.  She wore her black shawl as her dress outfit, especially during the cooler Fall weather.  Jennie somehow managed to have a house built for her and her family after her husband died (sometime before 1920), on Elm Street in Silver Creek.  She moved to Angola, NY to live with her daughter Jessie later in life.  Although she couldn't speak English, she would answer the phone at Jessie's house, would figure out who the phone call was for, and would then get them to the phone.



Jennie in front of her house on Elm Street, Silver Creek


Jennie at her home on 21 Elm Street in Silver Creek, NY with her daughters.

Left to Right: Mary, Jessie, Jennie and Rose.


Jennie with Children.

Left to Right: Fred Packard behind his wife Jessie (Arcadipane) Packard, Rose (Arcadipane) Barone behind Jennie, Frank Arcadipane behind his wife Patricia(Militello) Ark, Sam Arcadipane behind his wife Frances(Randazzo) Ark

Jennie with GrandChildren.

Front Jean (Arcadipane) Patz, Jennie (Sciarrotta) Arcadipane, Virginia (Lo Presto) ... Pete's wife, Rose Mary (Barone) Guthrie ... Richards wife

Back: John Barone, Joseph (Arcadipane) Ark, Theresa (Biscaro) Ark ... Josephs wife, Peter (Arcadipane) Ark, Richard Guthrie, Jennette (Caslinnio) Barone ... Johns wife





Jennie with son Salvatore III and his wife Frances in front of picture of her husband Salvatore Jr. Photo from 1955.

Jennie with Grandchildren and Great-Grandchildren.

Front: Franny Ark, Elaine Ark, Jeanie Patz

Back: Carol Ark, Joanne Ark, Mary Jane Packard, Diane Ark, Jennie, Linda Guthrie, Freddy Packard





Jennie with shawl.

Jennie with Mrs. Genco





Jennie with the St. Theresa Sodality of Mt. Carmel Church, celebrating Mother's day with mothers and daughters. 






Parents of Salvatore Arcadipane Jr:

Salvatore Arcadipane Sr.

18?? - ????

Assunta Alaimo

18?? - ????


Parents of Giovanina (Jennie) Sciarrotta:

Francesco (Frank) Sciarrotta

18?? - ????

Giuseppina (Josephine) Morgante

18?? - ????


Children of Salvatore Arcadipane Jr. and Giovanina (Jennie) Sciarrotta:

Assunta Rose Arcadipane

About 1895 - 190?

Salvatore III Arcadipane(Ark)

1899 - 1992

Francesco (Frank) Arcadipane(Ark)

1901 - 1986

Giuseppe (Joseph) Arcadipane(Ark)

1902 - 1927

Giovanni (John) Arcadipane(Ark)

1904 - Died 1906

Rose Assunta Arcadipane(Ark)

1907 - 1974

Mary Arcadipane(Ark)

1909 - 1935

Jessie Arcadipane(Ark)

1911 - 1995


Documents and other artifacts:

Passport to Brazil

Passport - blowup of stamp - shows date as August 25, 1896

Passport - Back

Passport Translation into English

Passport Translation into English (part 2)

Map of Brazil

Map of Brazil States

In Search of Salvatore's Gravesite:  Salvatore died on July 30th, 1913 and was originally buried at the County Home in Dewitville, NY.  His body was interred and reburied in the Mount Carmel Cemetery in Silver Creek, NY on April 25th, 1977.

Giovanina died on January 12th, 1960 and was buried in the Mount Carmel Cemetery in Silver Creek, NY.

Cemetery Map:  Mount Carmel Cemetery in Silver Creek, NY







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