The Arcadipane/Ark Family:

Family and Descendants of

Guiseppe Arcadipane (About 1879 - 19??)


According to Ellis Island passenger records, Guiseppe was born around 1879. He most likely was born in Favara, in the province of Girgenti, Sicily, Italy, as this was where his brother Salvatore Jr. was born.  During the reign of Mussoulini, the province of Girgenti was renamed to Agrigenti, which is its current name.

Guiseppe sailed to the United States from Palmero, Italy on March 31, 1911 on the ship Fredrich der Grosse.

Guiseppe was in business for some time with his brother Diego, running a Livery service.


 Parents of Giovanni Arcadipane:

Salvatore Arcadipane Sr.

Born 18??;Died ????

Assunta Alaimo

Born 18??;Died ????


Documents and other artifacts:

Detailed map of Sicily showing Favara

Detailed map of Sicily showing Valledolmo

Ellis Island Immigration Record

Ship passenger list

1908 Receipt showing name of mining company Guiseppe’s brother Salvatore Jr. worked in - appears Guiseppe sent check to Diego to give to their brother Salvatore Jr.



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